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П-18Т / TRS-2D Radar

P-18T / TRS-2D Radar (meter band – A band)


The P-18T / TRS-2D (T – Tetraedr, R – Radar, S – Searching, 2D – Two Dimensions: range and azimuth) Radar is a coherent pulse meter band radar designed for detection and tracking of all types of modern and advanced aerial assets (air objectives) within the entire range of altitudes. The radar ensures effective detection and tracking of air objectives under the conditions of all types of radio frequency interference.

The P-18T / TRS-2D Radar meets all the requirements for modern and advanced radars and can be integrated in any AD system including air traffic control systems.

The radar can be used for guidance of fighter aviation aircraft as well as for surveillance and target designation for ADMS.


Composition of the TRS-2D radar

The TRS-2D Radar is composed of the Antenna Post and the Control Post.

The Antenna Post

The Antenna Post is mounted on a wheeled chassis (6x6).
The Antenna Post is composed of:

  • Antenna-Mast Device
  • Antenna Rotation System
  • Box-van

The Control Post

The Control Post is mounted on a wheeled chassis (6x6).
The Control Post is composed of:

  • Box-van with Automated Work Stations (AWS)
  • Autonomous Electric Power Supply System



Radar detection zone, km
Probability of selection of low-speed target signals, no less0.97
Maximum number of tracked targets
Maximum number of processed marks in one radar scan
Probability of target track initiation, no less
False tracks’ lifetime, no less
3-5 s
Probability of false trails, no more3x10-5