Target system MK-4


Target system MK-4 is intended for launching rocket targets for training combat crews of air defence missile systems (ADMS) during live firings at simulated contemporary and future generation air targets as well as for testing newly created anti-aircraft weapon systems.
It also ensures combat training of the crews of man-portable air defence missile systems “Mistral”, ADMS Poprad, MANPADS QW-3, MANPADS Igla, MANPADS Igla-1, ADMS Strela-10 etc.


Target system MK-4 comprises the following:
1. Stationary target launching unit UZM-4 (four 122 mm caliber guiding tubes).
2. Workstation of the target launch operator RM-MK.
3. Set of communication and data transmission equipment (SCDTE).
4. Rocket target RM-M1 (air target simulator IVTs-M1 with rocket motor 9M28D or 9M22U).
5. Rocket target RM-M2 (air target simulator IVTs-M2 with rocket motor 9M28D or 9M22U).

Primary performance characteristics



Launch weight, kg51.3 (64.1)*
53.9 (66.7)*
Flight range, m12 (16)*
12 (16)*
Altitudes range, m
2 - 5
2 - 5
Flight speed in action zone, m/s 270 (320)*
270 (320)*
Maximum flight duration, s 48 (60)*
48 (60)*
RCS, m² 0.5 - 1.5
0.5 - 1.5
Visibility range in the optical waveband (in meteorological visibility of at least 1,000 m), km, no less than -5
Duration of ATS-M1 visibility in the optical waveband, s, no less than-35

* - The target has two modifications with a longer and shorter firing ranges due to the use of different rocket motors (9M28D and 9M22U).

Notes: There is a possibility to supply other 122 mm caliber rocket motors (of the G-M or G-2000 types) in order to increase the firing range of the rocket targets up to 42 km.