The IVTs-M2

Aerial Target Simulator ATS-M2

Aerial target simulator ATS-M2 is intended for training combat crews of close-in and short range air defense missile systems of the brigade (regiment), division and army corps levels in the Air Defense Forces, Air Force and Navy when conducting live firings at simulated contemporary and prospective aerial targets as well as for testing and refining air defense missile systems under development.

Aerial target simulator ATS-M2 is mounted in place of the standard warhead of the 928 (922) rocket of the Grad-1 salvo system.

The ATS-M2 aerial target simulator's technical characteristics enable simulating modern small-size, high-speed air attack assets.

The ATS-M2 aerial target simulator is fitted with a tracer which enables simulating the air target in the optical (infrared) wave band.

In accordance with the Republic of Belarus' Defense Minister's order No 112 dated 17.02.2005 the ATS-M2 aerial target simulator was adopted for service with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

The comparative characteristics of the ATS-M2

Launch weight, kg
53,9 (66,7)*
Flight range, m12 (16)*
Altitudes range, m
2 - 5
Flight speed in action zone, m/s270 (320)*
Maximum flight duration, s48 (60)*
RCS at 15 GHz frequency, m²0,5 - 1,5
An ATS-M2 visibility range in the optical waveband
(in meteorological visibility of at least 1,000 m), km, no less than

Duration of ATS-M2 visibility in the optical waveband, s, no less than 35

* - The ATS-2 is manufactured in two modifications of differing firing range, due to use of the two differing (928D and 922U) rocket motors.