Combat Firing S-125-2TM PECHORA-2TM
   On November 3, 2018, under the executed contract, Tetraedr UE successfully completed acceptance trials of the medium range Air Defense Missile System S-125-2TM PECHORA-2TM with combat firing on the territory of one of the Customers. The combat crew conducted low-altitude and small-sized target shootings in a difficult jamming environment. During combat firing, the combat crew discovered and destroyed the target. Combat shooting done on perfectly.
  The medium-range S-125-2TM PECHORA-2TM ADMS is designed to combat modern and promising means of air attack in a complex jamming environment. The S-125-2TM PECHORA-2TM ADMS provides the effective destruction of low-flying and small-sized targets under the influence of all types of radio interference. The frontier of the zone of destruction of targets is 36 km, and the upper limit of the targets to be destroyed is 25 km. S-125-2TM PECHORA-2TM ADMS can also be used for the destruction of ground and surface targets.
  Upon completion of the acceptance trials with combat firing the next S-125-2TM Pechora-2TM ADMS was transferred to the Ministry of Defense of the Customer for combat duty.

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