Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan praises high quality of weapons and military equipment of Belarusian make

Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan visit the Tetraedr UE
  A delegation headed by the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov visited the Tetraedr UE on 10.10.2017.
  The air defense assets, as well as other military hardware of various purposes used for commanding the troops, which are developed and manufactured by the enterprise were presented to the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan.
  The Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, Zakir Hasanov praises quality of Belarusian weapons, hardware. He announced this after meeting Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko as reported by BelTA.
  The Azerbaijani defense minister said: “We think highly of military and technical cooperation. The Belarusian side offers outstanding quality. The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan use weapons and hardware of Belarusian make. I can state with full authority that those are high-quality weapons and military hardware. We believe that we still have opportunities for expanding cooperation. We have discussed specific matters with the relevant officials and executives.”
  Zakir Hasanov spoke highly about results of his meeting with the Belarusian head of state. All the matters Zakir Hasanov and Alexander Lukashenko discussed have been greenlighted. “We are going to cooperate even more and more specifically in defense affairs,” noted the official.
  The defense minister also underlined the friendly nature of relations between Belarus and Azerbaijan. “Just like in other spheres Belarus-Azerbaijan cooperation in military affairs advances. We cooperate by sharing the best practices, work together in army development, in military and technical cooperation,” he said.

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