Visitors of MILEX-2017 and deffence attaches at Tetraedr UE

Exhibition visitors and defence attaches at the Tetraedr UE

On May 20, 2017 during the 8-th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery “MILEX-2017” defence attaches accredited in the Republic of Belarus and exhibition visitors who wished to get acquainted with batch produced equipment were welcomed at the Tetraedr UE.

The S-125-2TM Pechora-2TM medium range Air Defence Missile System is a highly efficient mobile system intended to counter contemporary and future generation air assault assets in complex jamming environment. The far boundary of the kill zone is more than 36 km, and the top boundary of targets destroyed is 25 km.
The T38 Stilet short range ADMS is a mobile autonomous ADMS intended to protect Army units, industrial and military facilities against strikes of all types of contemporary and future generation air assault assets flying at extremely low, low, and medium altitudes.
The T38 Stilet ADMS has high combat and operation characteristics. It is capable of using both the previously manufactured 9M33M2(3) surface-to-air missiles and the new T382 SAM which is being developed by the Tetraedr UE at the moment.
In comparison with the Osa-AKM ADMS the T38 Stilet ADMS features a significant increase in the target destruction range up to 12.5 km when firing the 9M33M2(3) SAM and up to 20 km when firing the T382 SAM, and an increase in the maximum kill altitude from 7 up to 10 km. The new system is capable of destroying faster moving targets flying with the speed of more than 900 m/s.
The TRS-2D round scan radar is a pulse coherent meter band radar. It is intended to detect and track all types of contemporary and future generation aircraft (aerial objects) within the entire range of altitudes. The maximum range of detecting aerial objects is more than 400 km. The radar ensures efficient automatic detection and automatic tracking of up to 250 aerial objects under the unfluence of different types of jamming.
The TRS-2D radar meets all the requirements imposed on the contemporary and future generation radars. It can be integrated into any Air Defence system, including air traffic control systems. The TRS-2D can be used to guide fighter aviation, it can also serve as a reconnaissance and target designation radar for ADMS.
The A3 multipurpose missile and machinegun system is intended to protect different administrative, industrial, and military facilities against all types of contemporary and future generation airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition to solving air defence tasks the A3 system can be used to fight enemy troops and armored ground targets (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers), as well as to solve antiterrorist tasks.
Exhibition visitors and defence attaches also got acquainted with equipment under development and advanced equipment models.
In the course of the visit to the Tetraedr UE the defence attaché of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam noted high quality of the supplied equipment and returned thanks for fruitful cooperation.

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