The Tetraedr UE supplied to the customer another upgraded S-125-2TM "Pechora-2TM" Air Defence Missile System (ADMS)

S-125-2TM "Pechora-2TM" ADMS

On the 23rd of December 2016 on the territory of one of the customers were successfully completed combat and acceptance firings performed within the contract by upgraded S-125-2TM "Pechora-2TM" medium-range ADMS.
The “Tetraedr” UE performed overhauling, refurbishment and upgrading of the S-125M ADMS and works on the extension of life-time of the 5V27 Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) in the industrial and technological facilities located at the Customer’s territory.
Two combat and acceptance firings were performed using two small-size and low-altitude aerial target simulators with low radial velocity provided by the Customer. Firings were performed in a clutter in the highlands by local combat crews upon completion of the training program.
The KDU guidance method of the SAM and the RV blasting method of a missile from the radio proximity fuse were used during the combat operation of the S-125-2TM "Pechora-2TM" ADMS. Both targets were engaged. Total misses were 2m and 9m respectively for the first and second firing.
Upon completion of the combat and acceptance firings another upgraded S-125-2TM "Pechora-2TM" ADMS was supplied to the Ministry of Defense of the Customer for putting on combat duty.

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