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General Information

TETRAEDR is a scientific and industrial private unitary enterprise specializing in development and manufacture of advanced radio-electronic weapon systems, development and manufacture of hardware and software used in radar and radio electronic control assets, upgrading of Air Defense Missile Systems.

TETRAEDR was founded on 26 April 2001, state registration 190233544. TETRAEDR is a full member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

TETRAEDR employs over 400 employees. More than 20 employees have academic degrees and titles. More than half of the employees have great experience of operation and combat application of the air defence assets, designing and testing of complex radio-electronic and radar systems, scientific research and teaching in institutions of higher education.

Products and Services



Technical examination and maintenance of surface-to-air missiles, assemblies and on-board equipment thereto.

Repairing of assemblies, on-board equipment, body element of surface-to-air missiles.

Services on adjustment, commissioning, technical supervision, service (warranty) maintenance, routine maintenance, technical maintenance, repair, upgrading (modification) related to military-purpose or dual-use products, as well as related to componentry, spare parts, assemblies, devices and equipment thereto.

Work on repair, upgrade and technical examination associated with extension of operational life of Air Defense materiel, radioelectronic weaponry and radioelectronic equipment.

Services on consulting, maintenance training, employment of specialists and organization of production related to in-house design products, military-purpose products and dual-use products.